Support and Planning

This project is possible thanks to the generous support of a number of collaborating agencies and programs.

Local Planning Committee

Project Director:
William Schneider, Ph.D.
Department of History, Medical Humanities-Health Studies Program, Center for Bioethics, IUPUI
Melissa Bingmann, Ph.D. Department of History, IUPUI
Judi Campbell Medical Humanities-Health Studies, IUPUI
Vicki Casteel Indiana State Archives
Jim Corridan Indiana Commission on Public Records
David d’Amico Freelance Web Consultant
Drew Griffis Indiana State Library
Matt Groshek Herron School of Art, Museum Studies Program, IUPUI
Amy Hatfield, M.L.S. Medical Library, Center for Bioethics, IU School of Medicine
Shana Kelley School of Library & Information Science Graduate Student, IUPUI
Jason Lantzer, Ph.D. Department of History, IUPUI
Dawn Lipp Indiana State Library
Paul Lombardo, Ph.D. College of Law, Georgia State University
Peter Marcus, M.D., M.A. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, IU School of Medicine
Eric M. Meslin, Ph.D. Center for Bioethics, Department of Philosophy, Department of Medicine, IU School of Medicine
Alexandra Stern, Ph.D. Center for the History of Medicine, University of Michigan
Elizabeth Wilkinson Indiana State Library
David Zahl Graduate Assistant, IUPUI