Resources in Indiana

The Indiana Eugenics Digital Library (IEDL)

The Indiana Eugenics Digital Library is a consortium of digitized public resources provided by the Indiana State Library, Indiana State Archives, and the Indiana University School of Medicine that illustrate the history and legacy of the Indiana Eugenics movement. The IEDL will provide virtual access to historical documents, photographs, and manuscripts for academic research and historical reference. Additionally, the IEDL provides a platform for the digital preservation of these important artifacts. This resource is currently under construction.

Here are some other Indiana web resources:

Bioethics Digital Library (BEDL)

The Bioethics Digital Library includes a Eugenics collection.

Indiana Medical History Museum

The Indiana Medical History Museum is on the grounds of the former Central State Hospital and house many artifacts and records form the hospital.

Indiana State Library

The Indiana State Library has a webpage that lists resources for both eugenics in Indiana and the United States. The resources include books, family histories, articles, Indiana laws, a thesis, and a eugenics clippings file.

Ruth Lilly Medical Library, IUPUI, Special Collection and History of Medicine

The History of Medicine collection of the Ruth Lilly Medical Library contains primary sources for research in the history of eugenics in Indiana. The collection includes the Monthly Bulletin of the Indiana State Board of Public Health.